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Wednesday , September 28, 2016 | Updated : Sep 28, 15:36 IST
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Union Cabinet officially ratifies Paris Agreement + okays winding up of Hindustan Cables Ltd + bonus for Railway Employees CX - No reason for not allowing turnover discount to non-performers as it will encourage dealers to work more efficiently and get orders which will benefit dealers as well as appellant: CESTAT (See 'Breaking News') CBDT clarification on consideration of FMV of undisclosed asset as on 01 June 2016 as income under IDS 2016 (See 'Instruction No 9'in 'Income Tax') Government Speed Track - GST – CBEC Releases More Draft Rules and Formats - Gigantic Task Indeed (See 'DDT' Column) I-T - Whether where AO has reopened assessment of Entity A in connection with technology transfer by recording reasons that technology was developed by such entity only and Entity B had no infrastructure for developing, it is open to AO to give notice on very same ground to Entity B also - NO: HC (See 'Breaking News') Rail Budget merger without holistic reforms implies window-dressing (See 'Editorial') Cus - Inclusion of imported items in Fertiliser (Control) Order, 1985 cannot but reinforce opinion that these are indeed fertilizers as decided by competent department of Government of India: CESTAT (See 'Breaking News') Global competitiveness - India's ranking up by 16 to 39th position Good News for CBEC in Supreme Court - Mega Cabs and MakeMytrip Stayed (See 'DDT') CX - Since 'Technology Development' did not yield any result, service provider returned amount but same was shown as 'unsecured loan' - transaction of 'input service' is suspect, 'sham transaction' and, therefore, credit rightly denied: CESTAT (See 'Breaking News') Will online registration eliminate corruption? – Service Tax Inspector sentenced to seven years imprisonment (See 'DDT') CBEC issues transfer order of 4 Chief Commissioners + 16 Commissioners, including two to GST Council + Promotes two to Commissioner-rank (See 'Transfer' + 'Promotion' in 'Pitara') SAARC Summit in Islamabad - Modi decides not to attend it CBEC issues promotion order of two Additional Commissioners (See 'Promotion' in 'Pitara') NITI Aayog facilitates meeting between HP & Centre on pending issues (See 'Mixed Buzz') ITAT President tranfers Members to Agra & Cuttack (See 'ITAT' in Library) I-T - When in order to market money transfer business abroad to a foreign entity, if certain expenses are incurred by the Indian assessee, no TDS obligation arises: ITAT (See '2016-TIOL-1715-ITAT-COCHIN') Noida SEZ Development Commissioner gets addl charge of FALTA SEZ Income Tax - DRS, 2016 - CBDT asks CIT(A) to create awareness about scheme while sending notice (See 'Instruction' in Income Tax) CBEC Member Ananya Ray goes on leave; Charge goes back to Chairman (See 'Service News' in Pitara) I-T - Whether dress code prescribed for employees at work place would qualify as uniform, even if it is clear that there is nothing on record to suggest that there was any such dress code prescribed before issue of circular regarding 'compulsory wearing of uniform' - NO: HC (See 'Breaking News') Evasion of Service Tax - DGCEI case against + + - Supreme Court grants blanket stay on Delhi HC order granting refund and passing strictures against officials Govt to review MFN status granted to Pakistan; Congress supports it CBEC releases more GST Draft Rules & Formats - this time for Refund + Returns + ITC Mismatch + GSTR 9B; Last date for feedback is tomorrow (See 'Business Process' in 'GST')
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Government Speed Track - GST - CBEC Releases More Draft Rules and Formats - Gigantic Task Indeed
TIOL DDT 2939,
Published: September 27, 2016
Government Speed Track - GST - CBEC Releases Draft Rules and Formats
TIOL DDT 2938,
Published: September 26, 2016
GST -VAT Officers Concerned
TIOL DDT 2937,
Published: September 26, 2016
First Meeting of the GST Council
TIOL DDT 2936,
Published: September 23, 2016
FM Releases CBEC's FAQ on GST
TIOL DDT 2935,
Published: September 22, 2016
No need of photocopies of RRs to avail CENVAT credit but…
TIOL DDT 2934,
Published: September 21, 2016
No Legal Infirmity in GST Notifications - Revenue Secretary - Government by Twitter?
TIOL DDT 2933, Published: September 20, 2016
The GST Circus Trapeze - Where is the Catch? - Excise Out - GST not In?
, Published: September 19, 2016
GST on Fast Track
, Published: September 16, 2016
, Published: September 15, 2016
GST Council is Born - Board Not on Board - IRS Protests
, Published: September 14, 2016
ST - Relief for Construction Sector - Service Tax can be paid by availing abatement under Notification No 1/2006 ST - CBEC Clarifies
TIOL DDT 2928, Published: September 12, 2016
GST Enters Constitution of India
, September 09, 2016
DDT Question - What is Constitutional Authority for levy of Service Tax?
, September 08, 2016
Central Excise - Refunds - CBEC Circulates its Monumental Misunderstanding of Supreme Court Order
, September 07, 2016
VAT - Works Contract - Who should pay VAT? Main Contractor - Sub Contractor or Both?
TIOL DDT 2924, September 06, 2016
Maintenance of records in digital form - costly for small EOU
TIOL DDT 2923, September 05, 2016
Illegal Search and Arrest - DGCEI lambasted by Delhi High Court - Make Your Trip within framework of Law - Cost Imposed
, September 02, 2016
Intra Court of Appeal in Supreme Court?
, September 01, 2016
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