ONE of the major challenges for the trade is tax compliance. Last year, we have reported more than 300 Supreme Court decisions, 3000 High Court decisions and 3000 CESTAT judgments and the number seems to be growing with every passing year. This clearly is an indicator that one thing is certain i.e disputes will always only move Northwards - come what may.

Nonetheless the fact remains that it is an uphill task for every assessee to keep a close track of the latest in the taxation field, be it case laws or for that matter - the elusive notification or the Board Circular.

Over the years we have developed a penchant for doing this job and that too, rather successfully. The post budget analysis that we carry with lightning speed has been appreciated by one and all. It is our endeavour to avoid riff raff. Due to popular demand we have also incorporated these analyses in our Electronic Library, E-Lite which is updated monthly and at the click of a button. Each and every Breaking News story & Head Note is crafted by our team of experts who keep themselves updated with the latest and who add that exclusive touch of finesse by analyzing the implications. Our Daily Dose of Taxation (DDT) which has already entered the Limca Book of Records, 2016 for the fifth time in a row is what no netizen dares to miss. The articles that we carry of erudite authors in our Guest and ST se GST tak columns are carefully selected to reflect the happenings around.

We, therefore, have decided to employ these skills for the benefit of the assessees and what better way than to provide online consulting.

With the experience gained over the years, we are fully geared up to provide to the trade and industry suitable guidance and opinion on the disputes arising in Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax.

It goes without saying that this expertise of ours can complement the efforts of the Indirect Tax practitioners employed by you.

In online consulting we aim to provide quick online opinion on Audit objections, Show Cause Notices and replies to the queries on any indirect tax related disputes.

All this is available against subscription to any of the below mentioned packages you may choose as per your requirement.

Single Query:

Depending on the complexity of each case, the pricing will be decided and communicated in advance.

Annual package:

The assessees can buy an annual package also, and 12 Queries will be replied to during the period of subscription. This subscription can be purchased in any month and will be valid for a year. For prices TIOL executives can be contacted at +91-124-278-9600.

[Note: The above services do not include preparation of replies and appeals, representation before the statutory authorities which will be dealt with separately depending on the individual needs of the subscriber.]