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Sunday , March 1, 2015 | Updated : Mar 1, 14:38 IST
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Cigarettes bear the brunt; Swachch Bhart Cess to be levied on services (See 'Mixed Buzz') Odoriferous compound/agarbathi mix finally gets an exemption (See 'Budget Run-Up') From being singular to plural - A 's' makes a difference (See 'Budget Run-Up') Construction of Toilets in Govt Schools and quarters for employees attract Service Tax - Amendment to ST Notification No 25/2012 (See 'Budget Run-Up') BUDGET-2015: Huge Disappointment (See 'Budget Run-Up') Section 76 discourages right to litigate (See 'Budget Run-Up') Recovery of Arrears - CBEC facilitates payment in instalments (See Cir 996 in 'What’s New') CBEC clarifies if exoneration of person in adjudication proceeding is on merit, CC can now ask for withdrawal of prosecution (See Cir 998 in 'What's New') 'Substantial value' from assets located in India - when does Sec 9 get triggered? - Finance Bill provides an answer (See 'Budget Run-Up') Is proposed Section 78B of FA, 1994unconstitutional? (See 'Budget Run-Up') Duty not paid - Penalty follows in all cases, suppression or not (See 'Budget Run-Up') Place of Effective Management - Finance Bill proposes change to determine resident status (See 'Budget Run-Up') Interest paid by branch of foreign bank to HO and overseas branches chargeable to tax and subject to TDS Jaitley offers minor respite on depreciation u/s 32(iia)(See 'Budget Run-Up') GTA ST is on 30 % (See 'Budget Run-Up') Bye Bye to Education (CESSES)(See 'Budget Run-Up') Dead wood & something more removed from provisions of Settlement in Central Excise & Customs (See 'Budget Run-Up') Pleasant Amendment in Section 11AC (See 'Budget Run-Up') Section 80 of FA, 1994 to fade into oblivion - a draconian step? (See 'Budget Analysis') Mutual Fund distribution - Service tax makes a comeback (See 'Budget Analysis') Time to gear-up for GST (See 'Budget Analysis') Recovery of credit taken wrongly but not utilized is possible now - First accrued is first utilized - new Rule 14 of CCR, 2004 (See 'Budget Analysis') What happens to Education Cess credit lying in balance? (See 'Budget Analysis') Definition of Resident company redefined in Finance bill, 2015 (See 'Budget Analysis') Instant tea, Iced tea, LED lights/lamps brought under MRP assessment (See 'Budget Analysis') ST Valuation - If courts take a contrary view - Do the obvious - Amend the Act - Delhi High Court Ruling in Intercontinental Consultants undone (See 'Budget Analysis') Service tax exemption availed by non-resident Commission Agent to Indian exporter withdrawn (See 'Budget Analysis') Service tax exemption withdrawn for Mutual Fund Agent to MF; Distributor to MF or AMC; service by Lottery agent to distributor and also free telephone calls made by Airport and hospitals Litigation Management - Monetary Limit for case to be heard by Single ITAT Member hiked to Rs 15 lakh (See 'Budget Analysis') Service provided by Government brought under tax net Service Tax rate of 14% to be applicable only after enactment: education cess to continue till then Major changes proposed in Section 11 AC - No penalty for normal period cases if duty is paid along with interest within 30 days from Show Cause Notice Exclusion of value of rails - Retrospective exemption given Retrospective exemption granted to Railway or tramway track construction material Finance Bill - Cash seized to be adjusted towards assessee's tax liability Central Excise & Service Tax assessees allowed to issue digitally signed invoices Finance Bill cleans up provisions relating to Indirect Transfers under Section 9 of I-T Act
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DDT is one year old

01 12 2005


with Vijay Kumar

It’s not celebration but a reminder that so much is yet to be done! Thank you netizens for your support.


EPCG – 25% bank guarantee for custodians

Board has decided that service providers in the port handling sector who are appointed as Custodians by the jurisdictional Customs/Central Excise authorities shall be eligible for 25% Bank Guarantee for importing capital goods under EPCG Scheme. Circular No.58/2004-Cus. dated 21.10.2004 stands modified to this effect.

CIRCULAR NO. 49/2005-Cus, Dated : November 29, 2005

Anti-dumping duty on Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR),

The Anti-dumping duty on Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR), originating in, or exported from European Union (except Germany), Brazil and Mexico was imposed by Notification No. 53/2005-Customs dated the 7th June, 2005 and was to be valid till 6th day of December, 2005. Now this provisional duty is confirmed and Notification No. 53/2005 is superseded.

NOTIFICATION NO. 100/2005-Cus., Dated: November 29, 2005

Standard Input Output Norms (SION) changes

The DGFT has brought in several changes in the Standard Input Output Norms (SION)

PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 70 (RE:2005)/2004-2009, Dated: November 29, 2005

Import of marble – DGFT clarifies

As per DGFT Circular No. 24/2004-09 dated 30.8.2005,

“Eligibility- Entitlement would be restricted to those applicants who have set up manufacturing / processing units in the country and have made imports of these items in the preceding years when these items were under SIL list.”

Now the DGFT clarifies that

“manufacturing / processing units should have been set up during the years when marble was under SIL List or before. Hence documentary evidence showing establishment of manufacturing / processing units during that period should be produced”.

Similarly the circular prescribed that

The total import of rough marble blocks under Exim Code Nos.25151100, 25151210, 25151220, will be subject to a ceiling of 1.30 lakh MT per licensing year. The entitlement of individual firm will be worked out on the basis of the turnover of the preceding year. The applicant will be required to furnish a Chartered Accountant certificate certifying his turnover.

Now the DGFT clarifies that

the entitlement will be calculated on the basis of the turnover of marble imported under Chapter 25 of the ITC (HS) Classification of Export Import Items 2004-09 only. These companies who have been importing under Chapter 25 may also add their complete turnover for imported marble for the preceding year i.e. 2004-05. For this purpose a revised Chartered Accountant certificates indicating turnover of the preceding year (2004-05) based on above criteria should be filed.

POLICY CIRCULAR. NO 34 (RE-2005)/2004-09, Dated : Nov 30, 2005

Corrupt Customs – a global phenomenon?

Of 10 areas rife with corruption in Vietnam, the field considered top is land management, followed by customs and traffic police, according to a survey by the Central Committee for Internal Affairs.

Most respondents said that corruption is stirred by greed, not by poverty, because it often occurs among figures in authority. Corrupt officials often intentionally cause difficulties for citizens seeking civil services in order to extort money from them. 

From a report in VietNamNet Bridge yesterday.

Until tomorrow with more DDT

Have a nice day.

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Sub: happy b'day

Wishing all the best for the DDT baby! It is really making very good impact among all concerned. Keep it up.


Posted by jaikumar seetharaman
Sub: Crossing the infant stage


Congrats and many wishes for the day. DDT has crossed the infant stage and has become a house hold name among netizens of TIOL In these fast moving days such daily dose is absolutely necesaary to keep oneself updated. DDT means Daily Doubt removing Tree- Best wishes again.

Posted by ramkumar ramkumar
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