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Customs duty on edible oils reduced - But where is the Notification? Now available !


Yesterday's DDT had reported about the reduced rates of Customs duties on edible oils and the fact that the notification was not available. Today we bring you that notification. Details were covered yesterday.

NOTIFICATION NO. 58/2007-Customs, Dated: April 13, 2007

Adjudication of DRI cases - jurisdiction of commissioners - top class bungling?

Again the Board has done it! They have done the impossible. They have given powers of adjudications to jurisdictions that do not exist. By a series of notifications, certain Commissioners have been given the power to adjudicate DRI cases pertaining to certain jurisdictions.

And by Notification No.30/2007-Customs (N.T.), the  Commissioner of Central Excise (Adjudication), New Custom House, Indira Gandhi InternationalAirport, New Delhi is appointed to act as a common adjudicating authority to exercise the powers and discharge the duties conferred or imposed on, among others,

(i) The Commissioner of Customs, Hyderabad;

(ii) The Commissioner of Customs, Kakinada;

(iii) The Commissioner of Customs, Gandhi dham; and

(iv) The Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai,

We are not sure whether there is a Commissioner of Central Excise (Adjudication), New Custom House, Indira Gandhi InternationalAirport, New Delhi, and if there is one what a Central Excise Commissioner is doing in a Custom House, but we are sure that

1. There is nobody known as Commissioner of Customs, Hyderabad,

2. There is no Commissioner, let alone a Commissioner of Customs in Kakinada,

3. There is no Commissioner of Customs, Gandhi dham

4. There are at least nine Commissioners of Customs in Mumbai, but there is nobody known as Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai. In fact Mumbai has three Chief Commissioners of Customs; then who is this Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai?

NOTIFICATION NOs. 25, 26 ,27 ,28, 29 and 30 - cus NT Dated 11thApril  2007.

Tariff Value of Brass Scrap reduced

The Government has yesterday reduced the tariff value of imported brass scrap (all grades) from 4373 to 4343 US Dollars PMT. There is no change in the Tariff Values of palm oil.

NOTIFICATION NO.31/2007-CUSTOMS (N.T.),Dated: April 16, 2007

Targets are over - It's the Transfer season

From Inspector to Commissioner, every one is worried about the impending transfers. Rumours are doing frenzy rounds and our phones don't stop ringing from eager aspirants and apparently disappointed wannabes. The Departmental phones are busier. The Revenue targets of March are forgettable history; what is important now is transfers.  And only transfers! Transfer proposals are not exactly a secret! North Block leaks worse than a sieve. Everybody knows everything! But there can still be a slip between the proposal and the final order. Everyone wants to be the first to know the latest on transfers. And for some strange reason, there are people who believe that we will not reveal the orders immediately after we know them. Please be assured that we will carry the orders as soon as they are available. We will not delay even for a moment and there is no need to call us. We will bring the orders to you as soon as they are released, but before that, enjoy the Rumours - most of them are true!

Until tomorrow with more DDT

Have a nice day.

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