You Tell the CVC –Transparency in revenue procedures - Taxindiaonline’s new initiative

++ Do you have a problem with tax procedures?

++ Do you feel the provisions under the Direct and Indirect Taxes are cumbersome, unwanted, difficult, and prone to corruption?

++ If yes, you tell us. We will tell the CVC.

Taxindiaonline in association with the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) launches a new initiative to promote transparency and for making the tax collection procedure user-friendly and less prone to corruption.

This forum is not meant to be one for lodging complaints. We will not entertain any complaint against any individual officer. Similarly it is not a forum offering consultancy.

Netizens can send their suggestions/opinions/practical problems on any procedural aspect of tax compliance with regard to the Direct or Indirect Taxes imposed by the Union Government.

On receipt of the suggestions TIOL’s expert panel will study the proposal and if found suitable will submit them to the CVC, who will in turn forward them to CBDT/CBEC. The action taken by the concerned  Boards will be carried on the websites of CVC, CBDT, CBEC and on Taxindiaonline.

Grab this opportunity - you have a chance to contribute to the law-making.

Join us in this our joint endeavour with the CVC.

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or email us at with the following details:

1. Name
2. Organisation with address and telephone numbers and e mail
3. The problem
4. Suggested solution